Why to care about Sharp-er (2023)?

Photo by Didssph on Unsplash

Why to care about Sharp-er (2023)?

One who lives by their wits

Sharper (2023) is a watchable thriller:

  1. Everybody would like to feel smart and it can help. It sounds like a challenge/puzzle from the beginning and feels like treating the audience as a sharper one. Compared to many superhero productions out there, it's more respectful of the mind and time.

  2. It delivers on its promise by revealing surprises at a good pace with vivid performances.

  3. It is a good example of what practice can achieve, even starting from a rookie so know your drills.

  4. It's a good example of the necessity of being alert when we got what we want, especially without any ask or negotiation. If a conversation with a foreigner reveals a lot of common points, beware of the statistics, much more likely that this foreigner had some work on you.

  5. It won't shatter your world about how love beats money and material needs. It's easier to consume what we believe so it won't cause any disturbances.

  6. It signals that knowing the one-sentence length gist of many books can be very useful to deceive. As an attack is the best defense approach, it can be used not to be deceived too. Additionally, it can also help recall the content and make analogies faster.

  7. Don't pay in advance if you can pay in parts, helps to keep the other dependent.

  8. It shows a method of how to get what you want. Make a high offer once to anchor then indirectly show that you don't care about not getting it and withdraw quickly.