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How to cure writer's block?

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How to cure writer's block?

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·Apr 19, 2022·

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  • By changing your view. See this research paper, an excellent read.
  • By writing in a free flow because it's a way of thinking, it should be able to take you back to the intended topic.
  • By taking notes and having an always running ideas list.
  • By publishing what you have and editing/completing later on. (if possible)
  • By taking deliberate breaks and using light physical activities to increase blood circulation.
  • By reading more and in a diverse set of topics, especially the ones you hate. Creativity is mostly linking two unrelated together.
  • By paraphrasing what you learn or even trying to simplify what you read so as to teach others, at least the kid inside yourself.
  • By listening more people genuinely. People have issues. As soon as you listen them, they will give you a world of information of themselves, their problems, etc.
  • By focusing on quality, instead of quantity. There are many big authors in the history with one single great book such as Harper Lee.
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