Why you should watch CSI: Vegas?

The long-running series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is back with CSI: Vegas as the last settlement of the franchise.

Why to care?

  1. Teaches a good mindset to question everything and only to trust the facts. As a result of this, beware that in daily communications, you can find more subtle cues of other people are lying and it can damage relationships.
  2. Increases your attention to details by applying previous mindset as a habit. This can boost your productivity in some careers such as software development.
  3. Exciting because there is a problem in each episode and it's always solved creatively. You can also feel that dopamine rush of problem solving and closing cases.
  4. Teaches about the capabilities of the most recent technology in very diverse domains. It's like a very good crime novel that never gets old.
  5. Educates about the public views and sociology by studying current news, and becomes a mirror to the ethics in the world where money speaks, i.e. Las Vegas.
  6. There are very different ways of solving crimes as fast as possible in these episodes and overall, it becomes a visual example of what creatively practical means or relentlessly resourceful.
  7. Watching series is clearly not the most productive activity to acquire knowledge but compared to other popular series and if you're into watching, CSI has a lower marginal cost in terms of the spent time.