Why to see Boston Strangler (2023) ?

Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash

Why to see Boston Strangler (2023) ?

More than a feeling by Boston

Why not?

  • To learn about an interesting real event

  • To learn about the historical period specifics:

    • Everybody smokes. Unsurprising how Philip Morris became what it is today.

    • It's just not a glass ceiling but apparent deliberate sexism.

    • It seems media is easily manipulated and controlled, or at best, we could say media has authority bias.

    • How difficult it was to solve a similar case (i.e. fingerprint 40s, DNA 50s)

  • To see a failure of being human, to explain everything in cause and effect even if it's happening randomly or correlated (i.e. age/location selection of victims)

  • To understand that people are always looking for easy money but there is no free lunch

  • To learn from the great dialogues which ease the tension between a wife and a husband in difficult times

  • To see a motivating example of grit

  • To enjoy a performance, Keira delivers as she always does in period dramas