Why to keep a blog?

This is something to remind myself why I should do this seriously and consistently, and probably I will revisit it to improve in the future while I realize other benefits.

  • Personal brand: A blog is the first part of building a personal space and a community around your interests that you are in full control.
  • Network effect: It can help people in very creative ways you can't imagine and/or as a result, it could bring interesting opportunities and collaboration.
  • Inspiration and Education: This is related to network effect but might need specific bullet because it's very important. Think about senior developers, they are very valuable not because they can write 10x faster but they can enable 10 developers to work at their best capacity and then those 10 developers go and help 10 other developers. That's fan out and exponential, and a blog does exactly that in a minimum cost.
  • Permanent: Having one place for everything you have said is invaluable because everything has an expiration date and so, when the place you used is gone, your words are also gone. A blog, especially a simple one, can be a place of permanent record that is always improving and you could refer to it frequently, instead of repeating yourself here and there.
  • Writing: If there is no content, there is no value in the blog. Trying to have content forces you to write regularly and writing causes to think because any idea first need to be clear so that it could be expressed. Keep repeating this and then it clarifies ideas and improves the way of speech considerably.
  • Memory: It's a kind of spaced repetition, especially posts are reviewed time to time to improve their content. That's why it helps for better retain.