What to buy for running shoes in 2022

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

What to buy for running shoes in 2022

If I want to enumerate five things that shake up my life for the great good, one of them is definitely is running, where shoes matter a lot.

Every 6-12 months, I get a new pair since running shoes aren't very durable unfortunately and who doesn't love new treats.

There are a lot of detailed comparison article out there so mine isn't one of them but an expression of my gratitude for a recent finding. That being said, I did my fair reading and own experiments in shops for a conclusion.

It is HOKA ONE ONE. Literally, running with their shoes is fun and makes you faster.

My selection is

  • Rocket X, for speedy days 🚀
  • Carbon 3, for regular days ⚡️
  • Mach 4 Ironman, for weekend 🔥

Check this brand, I really think you would appreciate too.