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The values of my average system

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The values of my average system

It's like white

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Ferhat Elmas
·Mar 30, 2023·

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  • Be the boss of your habits

  • Work in the early morning

  • Being able to do the work is the win

  • Manage the load, don't burn the oil

  • Do the hard things first

  • Stay in the saddle until the hard thing is done for the allocated time

  • Focus in the meantime

  • Holistically, keep the main thing the main thing; learn to say no and quit

  • Delegate as much as possible

  • Make little progress every day

  • Know your drills and practice

  • Be kind to yourself; be a good friend and encourage and make yourself better

  • Be hard on yourself; push and try new/unpleasant/different/annoying

  • Slow down / take your time to think and reply

  • Get back up when you fall

  • Find your A team

  • Be a little blind/deaf and speak less

  • Be strict with yourself and extremely kind to others

  • Get the little things perfect, think these values recursively

  • Beware perfectionism

  • Bring distinction to everything you do

  • Don't half-ass it, do your best

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