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The signs of a narcissist

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The signs of a narcissist

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·Jun 1, 2022·

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  • Self-absorbed (acts like everything is all about him or her)
  • Entitled (makes the rules and breaks the rules)
  • Demeaning (puts you down and is bullyish)
  • Demanding (demands whatever he or she wants)
  • Distrustful (is suspicious of your motives when you’re being nice to him or her)
  • Perfectionistic (has rigidly high standards; things are done his or her way or no way)
  • Snobbish (believes he or she is superior to you and others; gets bored easily)
  • Approval seeking (craves constant praise and recognition)
  • Unempathic (is uninterested in understanding your inner experience or unable to do so)
  • Unremorseful (cannot offer a genuine apology)
  • Compulsive (gets overly consumed with details and minutiae)
  • Addictive (cannot let go of bad habits; uses them to self-soothe)
  • Emotionally detached (steers clear of feelings)
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