Ferhat Elmas — Passionate Developer

What is Creativity?

10 January ’15

I have seen How to transform your problem-solving and creativity by Shelli Walsh. There was a reference at the end of the post to a free e-book called What is Creativity? so instantly grabbed and read it. Here is somehow its summary:

What is creativity?

Creativity is being exposed to diverse influences and recreating your own unique interpretation of existing ideas. Shelli Walsh

Are Style and Creativity Same?

There is a big difference between style and creativity. Former is the art of making things look awesome. Creativity is about the material/product/idea/concept itself and making it better functionally. First iterations of creative things are mostly ugly.

How can we be more creative?

  1. Learning: Make it life goal Put aside vertical thinking -step by step always correct fact based thinking style- and try lateral thinking -nonlinear, more forgiving and sometimes wrong- via applying analogies, rejecting obvious and reversing information/goal, and connecting random items to generate relations.
  2. Curiosity: Always ask questions
  3. Mode: Don't stress, be relaxed. Break the routine. Get dopamine via healthy ways such as listening to music, emotional arousal, doing sports, etc.
  4. Imitation: Master copying to feel the process and to fill the gaps with our unique touch.
  5. Connecting the dots: Brain is the best pattern matching engine.
  6. No Fear: Don't be afraid to fail and to make mistakes, that are steps to innovation.
  7. Tenacity: Hard work is the ultimate way to creativity.
  8. Discipline: Don't pretend, just do it and practice will bring the result.
  9. Letting go: Don't keep it to yourself. The more you give/release/use, the more you will have/create/innovate.

There are some chats at the end with thought/industry leaders about how they define creativity.

Overall, it's a little cute book about how to be more creative and it's free. Why not to read?