Some (interesting) questions

This is a list of questions I would like write about at some point.

  • Where does the dust at home come from?
  • How to prepare visiting a museum?
  • How much information to share with close circle?
  • Why do humans lie? Is being truthful always a good thing?
  • Is DNA really solely making us?
  • Is mathematical aptitude a key for programming?
  • What is the most important thing you could do to change/improve yourself?
  • In this era, can people really love each other?
  • Are we going for domino effect in terms of climate warming?
  • What is the best country to live in the world, in Europe?
  • Is buying a house a good investment? If so, where is the best place?
  • What is interesting coming in programming world that needs close attention?
  • How to sleep better?
  • What is the best drink for a programmer?
  • How to be a 1000x developer?
  • What are very important things that must be prevented in a relationship?
  • How to check the health of a relationship?
  • How to understand the one significant other?