Ferhat Elmas — Passionate Developer

Application for NAR

1 April ’13

While I was studying at Bogazici University, Pınar Yanardag was doing her master there, too and she had taken a Google Anita Borg Fellowship. That aroused my curiosity and I searched for her. Eventually, I had come across Necdet Yucel - @nyucel. After this first encounter, I was actually following him from a pretty far distant to get an opportunity to talk him and get to know each other better.

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Definition of Big Data

27 October ’12

How would you define big data?

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Microsoft Phone Interview

26 October ’12

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I have read a book

3 July ’12

While I was hanging at Rolex Learning Center, I saw a book called 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know and instantly grabbed it. There were two page articles from experts in different areas so I thought it would be a good bed book. Here it is, I wanted to summarize what is written with one or two sentences not to forget after some time. However, you can access actual articles.

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Git pull request flow

29 June ’12

Everybody says that the ultimate feature of Github is pull request because it enables people to develop asynchronously and even to do it before showing-up. Interested developer doesn't need to wait for some rights to push and he can directly start to the development on his personal copy.

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