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Prime for 6 April, 2013

6 April ’13

  • Frameworks Round 2 — Round 2 in benchmarking several web application frameworks.
  • Everything about Java 8 — Java is old, verbose and boring ... but Java is fast as seen in benchmarking so it seems it will be with us for longer than expected. Update the batteries, a complete guide to what is new in Java.

Prime for 5 April, 2013

5 April ’13

  • Designing a productSteve Jobs explains what the magic is.
  • Vega — Write JSON, supply data and get beautiful visualizations.

Prime for 4 April, 2013

4 April ’13

  • The Github Data Challenge II: Huge body of history, different point of view can bring out interesting analysis and visualizations. Deadline is midnight, May 8th, 2013 PST.
  • Framework benchmarks: Detailed comparison of frameworks in terms of performance. A more detailed follow up analysis is on the way, too.

Prime for 3 April, 2013

3 April ’13

Prime for 2 April, 2013

2 April ’13

I really find useful daily interesting link posts like A Fresh Cup or Four Short Links at O'Reilly Radar. I thought I already follow them, so I may note down some links.

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