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MAXREPEAT import issue after update

27 April ’13

If you are like me in upgrading your system as soon as a stable version is ready, you should also encounter some import problems like from _sre import MAXREPEAT in places where Python is used such as Vim. In my case, it wasn't that serious since breaking project was under virtualenv. I just had to recreate virtualenv and reinstall requirements. That's it, another useful use case of virtualenv.

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Prime for April 26, 2013

26 April ’13

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25 April ’13

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24 April ’13

Prime for April 23, 2013

23 April ’13

  • Children's Day — Happy children's day! By the way, Turkey is the first country that celebrates officially.
  • Frameworks round 3 — Part 3 of frameworks comparison is available. In part 3, PHP gets extensive support from community. Part 4 is on the way with .Net. Also, they moved it to standalone website since it sees a lot of interest.