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My advice to myself

My advice to myself

Work in progress

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·Dec 6, 2022·

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  • You're the easiest person to fool. Be open-minded to take this unsolicited advice but not up to the level such that your brain would fall out.

  • Internalize 48 laws of power such that know where to practice and recognize when it is exercised on you. Be extra careful about law 10, to cut unlucky, unhappy, and unstable immediately. That being said, behave honorably, always.

    • know your strength and kill anything that softens it

    • use help from professionals such as a stylist

    • have a (life) mentor to navigate all

  • Live by the 8th wonder, compound interest. Don't worry and be average with good habits, the greatness will arrive eventually. Relatedly, entrepreneurship is just staying long in the game. Some personal favorites:

    • keep your freedom at all costs

    • write; this includes extensive reading

    • visit every country as early as possible

    • have a girlfriend from the main cultures that feed the world; preferably learn their languages too

    • spend time with kids (creativity) and old people (bias) i.e. our point is that they still have the wits; otherwise it teaches other skills; patience, communication, tenderness, etc.

    • learn how money works and be financially independent

    • run consistently

    • practice one self-defense sport and be discrete about it

    • make music

  • Have a plan. It can be coerce corrected but never walk backward.

    • stop everything until the basis of the plan has emerged

    • don't talk about it until done and don't waste time

    • always spend at least 60% of your time on the most important task

    • always put a deadline and live by the calendar

    • if a step is big, split into smaller milestones with their respective deadlines

  • Study the big ideas of each discipline (i.e. biology, sociology, music, architecture etc.) and read their bible; also read the Bible, which is an ultimate source of western culture.

  • Unless knowing what to work on, pick something from the intersection of literature (people), finance (money) and computer science (language).

  • Focus on the job, ignore any other could-be nice opportunities and do the best work at the job for optimum career progression.

    • follow the idea, not the companies

    • quit and search until finding exactly what you want; lets you work on the idea meaningfully to make an impact or to learn domain details

    • stick to your team; they will follow you to make the next challenge or you will be pulled thanks to them

    • spend time with seed crystals; great people who bring in more great people

  • Carve a mind-blowing David; no compromises, focus on the core for the most impact but care about completeness.

    • it's more crucial than implied; people always lie

    • it has phenomenal long-term secondary benefits and boosts confidence more than anything

    • don't forget that science backs attractive/beautiful is luckier

  • Your mum made you, basically what you're today but the significant one is the limit of what you could become. Like almost everything, dating is also an art but it has its styles and techniques. One way or another, nothing beats practice unless you put yourself into a physically dangerous situation, never lose -the game must go on within the margin of risk.

    • don't wait, practice can't be acquired while waiting

    • never do easy, fail in public

    • spice it up, try what you don't have or even hate (by the way, know its cons but don't get emotional, hate is just too strong to manage). On the other hand, you should try the same thing multiple times to have the knowledge to compare intrinsically

    • be confident, dominate but don't intimidate

    • be nice but moderate, prefer being kind over being nice. In the long run, you would want somebody who values being kind because people who prefer being nice are generally weak and impatient

    • deliver (what you came for), she is there for a reason. Don't forget that it's usually a kind of tabu so the easiest way to blow her mind. If it's not a tabu for her, you need to be extra careful about your physical security and health. If you didn't kiss her multiple times the first time at least, don't call it a date

    • don't ask why questions because they are too direct and make people uncomfortable. Prefer what and how because they welcome the other person to talk more. At every opportunity, invite her to talk about herself. Don't forget people are in love with themselves

    • use geography to find common local exceptional experiences

    • make a reasonable budget and pay unconditionally and if she doesn't offer something back until your budget is spent, say bye to her. If you can't allocate a budget, don't waste your time because it's never about money. If it's really about money, stop dating right now because there are more important things to cover

    • don't ignore physical appearance and related habits, you will wake up to that face every day and those habits will shape your body (it's likely the only thing you won't get a second chance on)

Some more points to be extended:

  • sleep (amount, quality, time, etc.) + aging (teeth, posture, skin, etc.)

  • know thyself (16 personalities, self-feedback loop)

  • personal principles & values + when to compromise/give up

  • quality shopping (food, shoes, bed, chair, shampoo, AAPL, etc.)

  • tabus in education (sex, politics, religion, etc.)

  • GI Joe bias + mental models

  • tips (culture, career, dating, time, hobby, investment, etc.)

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