Million things that will destroy any first impression

First of all, don't trust your first impressions. They are almost always wrong and glorified bias showcase. However, sometimes, there might be cases we're judged with them where we need to be careful about and ensure covered. In this case, here is a list I will keep extending as I think of more:

  • Your look, posture, clothes and obviously hygiene
  • A weak handshake
  • Keep hands in a wrong place and playing with them a lot
  • Tapping your feet
  • Playing with
  • Inefficient distance with the counterpart
  • Talking about topics that can go easily such as politics, religion, economics, sports, etc.
  • Secretly chewing gum
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Being late
  • Not focusing and/or checking a phone
  • Forgetting name of your counterpart (protip: ask about the full name if you forget)