A simple twist might help to build a healthy habit and to deliver phenomenal results.


  • Instead of sweet snacks, chew a gum or brush your teeth.
  • Instead of using your stronger hand to brush your teeth, use the other.
  • Instead of sugar in coffee or tea, use milk in coffee or try naturally sweet herbal tea.
  • Instead of coffee or tea, fill the same cup with water.
  • Instead of big cups/plates, use smaller cups/plates.
  • Instead of bringing home and stocking, go and get when you need.


  • Instead of elevator, take the stairs.
  • Instead of standing still while waiting, twist your legs to use your muscles.
  • Instead of a hot shower, take a cold one.
  • Instead of sitting while reading, read while walking or listening might be even more convenient.


  • Instead of talking, be silent.
  • Instead of being silent, give a compliment.
  • Instead of writing an angry email, make a call.
  • Instead of calling furiously, talk face to face.
  • Instead of stalking, write a message and start a conversation.
  • Instead of lying, be honest and talk truthful.

Personal Growth

  • Instead of checking your phone before sleep, don't bring it into bed.
  • Instead of sharing in social media, write in private or extend it to a full length blog post.
  • Instead of slacking on social (fake) media, learn a language i.e Duolingo, play chess and try its various crazy variants, read hacker news or books. (And don't forget that books have 40x more information density compared to blogs in average).
  • Instead of reading, write something on your own about you have already read.
  • Instead of copying a text into a journal to remember, paraphrase it in your own words.
  • Instead of thinking, do it now or forget about it. Forgetting/active ignoring is a productive action.
  • Instead of talking (especially with others) about your goals/dreams, act on it now.


  • Instead of seeking a joy or some enjoyment for yourself, do a good deed for others silently.
  • Instead of talking about something you did good, improve it even more to let it talk itself.


  • Instead of leaving late, come early.
  • Instead of saying yes, reject kindly unless really fits into your direction or add to backlog for a later consideration. Never change a daily plan and don't give estimates on the spot.
  • Instead of over-promising, promise less and as late as possible then surprise with the results and earlier delivery.
  • Instead of getting bored, genuinely listen and try to ask questions.


  • Instead of choosing the popular and the fresh, try the old but the best of its class such as prefer a timeless movie to watching the latest Marvel.
  • Instead of taking known (route, food, music, etc), try unknown.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash