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Resources for Django

8 April ’13

Nowadays, I'm into Django since I will be developing NAR(New Album Reporter) with Django. That's why I try to collect together up-to-date useful resources that I could find. Here is the current list but I will update as I consume:

  1. No surprise, first document is essentially Django's official documentation. It is comprehensive and well-written.
  2. Open source Django Book from Django creators.
  3. Previous resources are detailed but they lack the tips for the conventions which are very important to scale new comers. Django Best Practices tries to fill this gap.
  4. Effective Django is another awesome resource which is between Django Book and Best Practices. An example contact application is developed while the concepts are introduced and tips are given. That's why it is more detailed than Best Practices but it doesn't provide every way of doing something so it may be more useful than official docs as you go forward.
  5. Django is hot and developed very fast. Therefore, lengthy docs other than official documentation can't generally keep up with the speed of development where version review comes handy.
  6. Small tips for various tasks at Django Tips.
  7. Planet Django is the aggregated blog posts about Django. Keeping an eye on them may be useful somewhat.
  8. GoDjango is there for those who prefer watching rather than reading. Some videos are out-of-date but generally good starting points.
  9. Some cool open source Django websites I utilize of. Since I am just starting, list contains projects seem to be useful and is short but meanwhile if you have recommendations, so welcome.