Ferhat Elmas — Passionate Developer

Application for NAR

1 April ’13

While I was studying at Bogazici University, Pınar Yanardag was doing her master there, too and she had taken a Google Anita Borg Fellowship. That aroused my curiosity and I searched for her. Eventually, I had come across Necdet Yucel - @nyucel. After this first encounter, I was actually following him from a pretty far distant to get an opportunity to talk him and get to know each other better.

When I heard about Yakindan Egitim, I got excited because I thought it was the perfect match what I was looking for.

  • An opportunity to show up.
  • People who love open source.
  • A helpful mentor.
  • If I could work hard, the chance to bring a project into life in a short time.

There were interesting projects but Clipper got my heart at first because it had addressed a need of mine. I had worked with Evernote API so everything seemed perfect without one thing that I'd like to work in a web application with Django/RoR/Play. This desire brought me back to NAR: New Album Reporter. That's why I will be developing a Django web application in terms of artist/album/songs in the following weeks. I don't either know where it will go at the end, so stay tuned for an exciting learning and development process!