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Dictionary, interesting words

  • Abendrot (noun): The color of the sky when the sun is setting.
  • Agape (noun): The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love. Persists no matter the circumstances.
  • Alamort (verb): Half dead of exhaustion.
  • Alpas (verb): To become free.
  • Altschmerz (noun): Tiredness due to repeated old issues.
  • Atelophobia (noun): An extreme fear of failure to achieve perfection.
  • Bogart (verb): To use or to consume without sharing.
  • Cwtch (noun): More than a cuddle or a hug, the ultimate safe place.
  • Elysian (adjective): Beautiful or creative; Divinely inspired; Peaceful and perfect.
  • Gunnen (noun): To find happiness in someone else's happiness because that's how you much love them.
  • Hangry (adjective): Bad mood as a result of hunger.
  • Ineffable (adjective): Too great and hard to explain in words.
  • Lede (noun): The sentence or paragraph of an article, summarizing the most important aspect.
  • Liberosis (noun): The desire to care less about things.
  • Logy (adjective): Sluggish.
  • Lulu (noun): Something that is remarkable or wonderful.
  • Magnum-muni (verb): To ponder, speculate, muse or even meditate on something big.
  • Onsra (noun): The bittersweet feeling that love won't last.
  • Paroxysm (noun): A sudden and powerful expression of a strong feeling, especially that you can't control.
  • Perfunctory (noun): Lack of interest or enthusiasm; Done quickly, without taking care or interest.
  • Philocalist (noun): A lover of beauty. Someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things.
  • Querencia (noun): A place from which one's strength is drawn. Where one feels at home.
  • Retrouvailles (noun): From French, the happiness that fills your heart when you meet someone after a very long time.
  • Sisu (noun): Almost magical quality.
  • Tarantism (noun): The uncontrollable urge to dance; Overcoming melancholy by dancing.
  • Tristful (adjective): Deeply yet romantically melancholy; Full of sadness; Sorrowful.
  • Virage (noun): A strong, brave or warlike woman.
  • Yonderly (adjective): Mentally or emotionally distant, absent-minded.