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·Nov 19, 2021·

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Why does enumeration, a list of things in writing, work and what does it mean about the author?

  1. They are easier to read because they reduce the work of the reader to extract an outline and a structure of the content.
  2. They are easier to write because the author can make changes between items or order items without requiring heavy logical connections or a preparation between the lines.
  3. Navigation/consumption is easier (random-access). Some items could be skipped while reading and the flow would not be broken or a reader could directly jump into the interesting items.
  4. The language is generally simpler since there is no need to go fancy or deep. The essence is to write what it is about.
  5. Easy to surprise readers by adding extra items.
  6. Abuses attention/curiosity of the readers by indirectly proposing a definitive answer.
  7. Easy to get started for inexperienced authors so in general, a lower quality compared to prose.

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